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A company looking into future of 100 years


CEO's Message

Thank you for visiting OHSUNG D&E, a company with 60 years of history and technology.

Thank you for visiting


Own, which has 60 years of tradition and technology, develops and manufactures core parts and materials for OLED and LCD displays, which are the golden technologies of the information age, as well as EV batteries and ESS.

By fostering talents and developing technologies that are essential in the digital times, we are not only contributing to the national development but also striving to meet the demands of the development of future display industry and car industry.

All our employees at OHSUNG D&E will unite in the goal of making a leading country in the 21st century and contribute to the national economic development as well as the company's development with utmost sincerity and passion.

CEO: Young-dae Choi

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