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A company looking into future of 100 years

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Better life! Coming into life by OHSUNG D&E.

  • Based on precision technology accumulated over 60 years of tradition, Ohsung D&E secures material development and parts production technology for ultra-precision display core parts such as OLED/LED TV, Auto/Portable, and LCD plate mechanism parts, which are high-tech products in the information age. , ESS, FCEV, etc., we are striving to meet the expectations of customers around the world through continuous research and technology development.

Materials EGI Purpose Outer case of energy storage device Materials AL Purpose Battery Cell Protection Cover Materials AL Purpose Parts for cooling and preventing cell deformation due to thermal expansion

Materials AL Purpose CASE part for fixing ESS CMA and protecting external impact Materials AL Purpose Cooling parts that prevent overheating for cell performance and stability Materials CR980T Purpose CASE parts for automobiles that play the same role as ESS parts

Materials C1100 Purpose A component that plays a role in connecting the power generated from the cell to the BDU
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