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A company looking into future of 100 years

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Better life! Coming into life by OHSUNG D&E.

  • Based on precision technology accumulated over 60 years of tradition, Ohsung D&E secures material development and parts production technology for ultra-precision display core parts such as OLED/LED TV, Auto/Portable, and LCD plate mechanism parts, which are high-tech products in the information age. , ESS, FCEV, etc., we are striving to meet the expectations of customers around the world through continuous research and technology development.

Materials EGI / AL Purpose 각종 BL부품을 고정하고 TV Module의 구조력을 갖는 Main 기구부품 Materials EGI / AL Purpose Mechanical parts for the purpose of protecting PCB circuits and blocking heat diffusion and electromagnetic waves Materials EGI / AL Purpose Parts for module protection and TV rear cover

Materials EGI / AL Purpose Rigidity reinforcement of TV mechanism and parts for molding counterpart Materials EGI Purpose Mechanical parts assembly for ESS external case Materials SUS Purpose Trench & Filter case

Materials EGI / AL (painted goods) Purpose iron drawer & locker Materials EGI / AL Purpose HDD R Tray case Materials EGI / AL Purpose For molding parts Mount

Materials EGI / AL (painted goods) Purpose TV Module Cover (outdoor use)
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